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How to Play Eight Off Solitaire!

Rules for Eight Off Solitaire

Play Eight Off


A FreeCell variation with more cells, but where you can only build down in the same suit, and empty tableau columns can only be filled by kings.


One standard deck. Since colors don't matter, politaire substitutes a four-color deck of cards..


Move all cards to the foundation.


Four foundation piles.

Any ace may be moved to any empty pile in the foundation.

A card may be added onto a foundation pile if it is one higher than the old top card of the pile and of the same suit.Thus, the only card that could be played on a 6♠ would be a 7♠.

Once on the foundation, cards may not be moved back off..


Eight cells,four of which initially contain one card

Each cell can hold one card. Available cards can be played into any cell. Cards from cells can be played back to the tableau or to the foundation.


Eight tableau piles of six cards each, splayed downward. All cards are dealt face up.

A card may be added onto a tableau pile if it is one lower than the old top card of the pile and of the same suit.Thus, the only card that could be played on an 8♣ would be a 7♣.

Cards on the tableau that are not under another card are available for play onto the foundation, an empty cell or any other tableau pile.

Empty spaces in the tableau may be filled by kings only.

Technically, only one card may be moved at a time, but since supermoves are enabled politaire will allow you to move sequences when there are enough empty cells so that it would be possible to achieve the same end by a sequence of single card moves.


The fact that empty tableau columns can only be filled by kings means that they aren't anywhere near as valuable as they are in freecell. In fact, they are nearly worthless, because they can't be used as staging places to move long sequences of cards. Thus the maximum sequence length you can move depends entirely on the number of free cells, and you need to use very different strategies than in FreeCell.

Common Variations:

Some implementations of this game allow spaces to be filled with any card instead of with Kings only. This makes the game much easier and much more freecell-like. I think the game is plenty easy when played the "official" way, but if you like your solitaire easier still, feel free to change the rule.

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