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How to Play Solitaire Scorpion!

1 deck. Average. No redeal.

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Scorpion Solitaire
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Scorpion Solitaire uses one deck (52 cards). You have 7 tableau piles. Three rows of 7 cards are dealt - the first 4 cards face down and the next 3 face up in each row. Then four more rows of 7 cards are dealt, all face up. The remaining 3 cards are put face down as a reserve.

The object of the game
To build four sequences down in suit within the tableau, each running from King to Ace.

The rules
You may build tableau piles down in suit. Groups of cards can be moved regardless of any sequence. Any face up card in a tableau can be moved to make a build. All the cards covering it are moved together as a unit. If, during play, any closed cards become the top card of a pile it turns face up. Empty tableaus may be filled with a King or group of cards headed by a King.

When you have made all the moves initially available, click on the reserve pile to deal the 3 remaining cards face up to the three leftmost piles.

Strategy Tips

  • Expose all face-down cards as soon as possible;
  • Avoid blocks created by reverse sequences;
  • Beware of uncovering aces. No cards may be played on aces.


Wins are rare.

Solitaire Scorpion

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