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How to Play Simple Simon Spider Solitaire!

    At the start of the game, all 52 cards are dealt face up to 10 piles. Eight cards are dealt to each of the first three piles, then seven cards are dealt to the fourth pile, six cards to the third pile, and so on until only one card is dealt to the last pile. Since all of the cards are dealt out and face up, Simple Simon is an open game, which is unusual for Spider type games.

    The objective is to build the tableau into 4 piles of 13 cards down in suit sequence from Kings to Aces. To achieve this, you can build tableau piles down regardless of suit. Groups of card can be moved as a unit if they are in sequence down in suit. These are the same building rules as Spider. Unlike Spider, once a suit sequence is created it is not removed from the tableau (in this way the game is like Scorpion).

    As with most open games, Simple Simon has opportunity for skill. Clearly you want to build in suit if possible, since then you can move the cards together. Creating open spaces is imperative. Most of all, though, you need to keep open options of movement. That is, you need to make moves that will create other moves, even if these moves might not be optimal. You may need to not build in suit, for example, if the non-suit move allows some other cards below it to be moved.

    The average player in the user statistics for Simple Simon wins about 75% of the time. It seems likely that most Simple Simon games are winnable and that unwinnable games are probably rare but possible.

    There are a couple of variations of Simple Simon. Simon Jester is a two deck variation and Simon Says is an easier variation with two free cells.

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