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World of Solitaire: Free Green Felt Solitaire Card Games Online
World of Solitaire: Free Green Felt Solitaire Card Games

World web mobile of Solitaire Free Green Felt Solitaire Card Games

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Solitaire Online Features

  • More than 40 solitaire online game variations to play.
  • After Play game, you can read 2 jokes or 2 quotes to have a funny time.
  • With Web of solitaire, the solitaire games work on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices.
  • In addition to PCs and Macs, the solitaire games work best on PC, laptop...
  • Game state and card positions remembered when you leave and then return to the game later.
  • Choose from different decks of cards, including a set made for phones and small screens, and one optimized for older versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Choose from different solitaire backgrounds like while, green... background.
  • Unlimited undo moves allowing you to try different ways to win your solitaire online game.
  • Two methods of scoring to accumulate points over multiple games.
  • Most games allow you to customize some rules, like the number of cards dealt from the stock and the number of times the stock is re-used.
  • Cards resize to fit your browser window.
  • Three ways to move cards: drag and drop, click to select and then again to place, double click to move to next available spot.
  • Autoplay mode turns over cards and deals from the stock automatically.
  • Completely free to play! No signup at all without you want to save your score game over.
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